Print Labels, Die-Cutting: Improving Efficiency and Saving Money

Print Labels. In today’s world of labels, especially with small quantities or unusual shapes, the challenge lies in cutting them efficiently and economically. This often determines the total cost of label production. In such situations, die-cutting tools become indispensable, especially those mounted on magnetic rollers.

What’s the purpose of swapping die-cutting tools?

The main goal is to create labels in different shapes. This crucial process allows us to meet various customer needs. From standard shapes to more intricate ones. But, like any solution, die-cutting tools have their pros and cons.

One drawback could be the high cost, especially when dealing with small label runs or unusual shapes that must be specially designed die-cutting tools. Additionally, the cutting blades of die-cutting tools can easily get damaged, leading to more costs and production delays.

But, using die-cutting tools on magnetic rollers brings many benefits. Firstly, important for large label runs, thereby reducing costs. Additionally, the process of swapping and cutting labels is quick and efficient, especially when using standard die-cutting tools.

How much does a label die-cutting tool cost? What is die-cutting?

Also explains important aspects related to costs and the die-cutting process. According to it, the cost of a new die-cutting tool depends on its complexity and the individual needs of the customer, but it’s an investment that brings long-term benefits in efficiency and savings.

The one-time cost is around £120-£160 net.

Is printing a new label also associated with the cost of purchasing a die-cutting tool?

Not necessarily!

Currently, we have 2,000 die-cutting tools in our inventory. The most popular ones are rectangular, square, and circular. So, if we’re dealing with a specific label shape, and don’t have a die-cutting tool in our inventory. We use laser-cutting technology. It’s a very precise method that reduces costs for small quantities. All this is to make fewer concerns for our customers’ wallets.

Print Labels. In conclusion, using die-cutting tools on magnetic rollers is a key element in the label production process, allowing for flexibility and cost savings while maintaining high-quality end products.


  1. Where to print labels? Where can I print labels for my products? You can print labels for your products at various printing companies, both online and offline. Look for reputable printing services that offer customizable options to suit your label needs.
  2. Print labels for bottles? How do I print labels specifically for bottles? Printing labels for bottles requires careful consideration of label size, material, and adhesive strength to ensure they adhere properly to the curved surface of the bottle. Many printing companies offer specialized services tailored for bottle labels.
  3. Do online products have labels? Yes, online products have digital labels that provide information similar to physical labels. These digital labels play a crucial role in online purchase decisions.
  4. What’s the future of product labelling? The future holds exciting possibilities, including interactive labels using technology like augmented reality and labels tailored to individual preferences.

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