What should the product label contain?

Product labels are an important tool not only from a marketing point of view but most of all, they are supposed to inform the customer what exactly will be found inside the package. The current law specifies precisely what information should be on the product. Food labels are subject to the most restrictive regulations, however, certain information must appear on each label and packaging, regardless of the product type.

Labels on the packaging – general information

Each label on the package, regardless of the product, must contain the following information:

    • what is in the package

    • who manufactured the product

    • a clear name of the product

    • the name and address of the company that produced it or the importer’s address

    • additional information, such as a conformity mark, a safety mark, information on the approval of the product on the market or its energy consumption

The information on the label must be legible and easy to find by the buyer, as well as clear and understandable.

It is unacceptable to mislead the customer with incorrect or unclear product labelling.



Self-adhesive labels on food products

Food labels must contain much more detailed data than labels applied to other products.

Product food labels should contain the following:

    • a clear name for the product that must not mislead the customer

    • the exact composition of the product and a list of allergens

    • the expiry date of the product for consumption (‘best before’ or ‘use by)

    • all information about nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates as well as the weight of the product

Many producers put the method of preparation or serving suggestions on the packaging, but this is not mandatory information.

General features of product labels placed on products.

Labels must be:

    • durable

    • resistant (waterproof, sunlight proof, temperature proof etc) 

    • produced with the right adhesive which is the key to a good quality label

The good quality labels are much more than just the adhesive. The right material and high-quality print together with the above features will attract your client’s attention. 

Every product currently on sale must bear a label. Therefore, manufacturers use them not only as a tool to provide the necessary information. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition on the market, labels are a great solution that allows you to stand out from other products.

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